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An edu-tainment programme using performance and film to explore water flows, tides and systems - over, under and around Bristol. Aiming for deeper awareness of the interconnectedness of ecology, biodiversity, energy, and the role of the wilder green spaces of the city.


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"I love this project because it understands that Science and Art have the same starting point or foundation - observation. I believe that its imaginative connection to fundamental ecology through its celebration of the role water plays in the past, present and future of this great city will inspire all who take part to look at their world afresh and, once inspired launch us on a thousand journeys of our own fuelled by the greatest gift of all curiosity" 

Tim Smit, Founder and Chair of the Eden Project



Bristol has the highest tidal reach of any populated area in the world and a unique and ingenious system for managing the flow and flux of water in the city. 

The resources and concepts for this project were created during Bristol's year as the European Green Capital. The legacy for the project are two mythical characters, two brothers called Proxi and Peri Gean who are the 'tides-made-flesh'. They are in love with the moon and every year they appear in human form in Bristol at the height of the spring and autumn equinoxes. Their job is to remind the citizens of Bristol of the importance of the tides to their heritage and their responsibility to manage the tides in the future. Proxi and Peri stage public performances where the tides meet Bristol and they visit all the BLT Partner Primary Schools who subscribe to support this unique programme.

Aim -deeper awareness of the interconnectedness of ecology, biodiversity, energy, and the role of the wilder green spaces of the city.

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BLT for Primary Schools

BLT Teachers receive training and special events for their school

  • boat trips
  • film and theatre events in school
  • workshops
  • opportunities for pupils to produce, perform and display in public venues 

Children in BLT Partner Schools cover the following topics and develop into active Hyydro-citizens.

  • Heritage - Bristol's maritime and trading past
  • Future - Sea level rising and weather change 
  • Biodiversity -  The unique eco-systems and wildlife in the tidal regions 
  • Water -The water cycle and our growing responsibility towards water use  
  • Energy- Tidal and marine energy
  • Hydro-poetics- Poetry, writing, music, sculpture, drawing and painting inspired by water

Involving: The Desperate Men Theatre Company; Rough Glory Films; NOVA Arts Collective.  Supported by Bristol Green Capital and Water City Bristol as part of the UK wide research project -Towards Hydro-citizenship


Film and Theatre

There are four ten-minute episodes of the adventures of Proxi and Peri. As the-tides-made-flesh they have been sent by the moon to find out if Bristol loves its tides. The films are shown in school over a week with the fourth and final episode culminating with the arrival in  school of the Proxi and Peri the 'tides-made-flesh'. Children suspend their disbelief, entering into the world of theatre and the unique opportunity to question the tides and find out first hand how they work, what is going wrong and what is needed.

Teaching resources

Schools are equipped with lesson plans and resources around tidal themes including a giant laminated map of Bristol's rivers. The project coordinates boat trips for children and workshops are held with experts and volunteers in and out of school. Teachers and children record their interventions and learning with their rivers and tides and water systems with stickers on their giant map.

BLT Teachers and schools agree a focus each year so that children can exhibit, perform and present at a public venue. This year the theme is Hydro-poetics and participating schools will be exhibiting paintings, poems, performance and music in July at the prestigious Royal-West-of-England Academy.

Excursions, spokespeople and experts

All BLT schools complete boat trips on the tides, docks or rivers and get special deals on a range of practical workshops including Learning Ships and Young Shipwrights.

The Bristol Planetarium was commissioned to make a 3D film of the movement of the planets during the equinoxes and how they effect the tides in Bristol. This film can be booked at a special rate by BLT Primary Schools and combined with their boat trip on the tides. 

Teachers will get a unique insight into using their local heritage and STEM learning through training sessions with a variety of people from industry, museums, and agencies concerned with the conservation of tidal landscapes.  Pupils will also meet these people to gain insight, hear opinion and debate the issues related to changes to the tidal regions of their city.

BLT for Families

During the equinox in Spring and Autumn -

BLT performances will take place at the highest tides -

Screenings of the Bristol Planetarium's 3D movie about the Bristol Tides will take place 

Screening of the adventures of Proxi and Peri

Screenings of Washed Up, an irreverent take by Desperate Men Theatre using their 35 years experience as clowns, attempting to convey serious messages about the future of the world. 

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Why are Proxi and Peri and Bristol Loves Tides important to Bristol

Young people are key influencers in achieving targets for biodiversity and emissions. Research shows that they are very concerned about their own future as well as the environment of their city but don't feel engaged in meaningful action. A significant number are also acknowledged as disconnected from their regional heritage and lack pride in their cultural identity. Bristol fails to capitalise upon its astounding natural environment; people and institutions to empower this target group with greater ownership of their city.  Bristol Loves Tides uses the imminent changes to BristolÙs historic tidal rivers to pull together businesses, agencies, venues, resources, schools and expert volunteers to close this identified gap in provision for young people. This project has provided the framework, logistics and creativity to mobilise an education programme for Bristol; replicable in other coastal regions, it provides the tools and knowledge for young people to better understand and influence the future of their region and become citizens who truly engage with local and global issues.

Past and Future Events - Click the pictures of the past events to find out more a

March 22nd 2015

Syzygy. BLT Launch





BLT -Young


Learning Ships

March 20th 2015   


Bannerman Rd Primary


Tidal Turnings

June 20th 2015

Floating Harbour

Ben Perry Boat House


Schools Tours

June - October 2015


Bristol Harbour Festival

July 2015


Blood Moon -Autumn Equinox

Public performance 28th September 

 Excursions on the River


Conversations on a Boat

9th November 4pm

Free - Teachers and Spokespeople from industry and the environment explore options for learning about the river and tides

Spring Equinox 2016 -   Proxi and Peri are retired in Spain 

The tides are very small in Spain!

Are they happy do they want to come back to Bristol and do the children of Bristol love the tides enough?

Royal West of England Academy Exhibition July 2016

Schools teachers and artist working to produce a show at the Royal West of England Academy 

Teachers exploring poetry and the arts with children through experiences of Bristol's rivers and tides

Film Screenings and Public Performance

Harbour Festival         16th July 2016

Celebration of10 Year of the Avon New Cut          2nd October 2016

Tidal Festival    Lamplighters Pub, Shirehampton                         15th October


Read more about Bristol Loves Tides 

The 'Learning Ships' programme was the start point for 'Bristol Loves Tides'. Learning Ships was established by the Bristol initiative Charitable Trust in 2013 to help -
"Young people experience their heritage and find their future through interacting with people from different industry sectors in parts of the environment that saw dramatic changes in the past and are facing dramatic changes in the future".

2013 -14 - Phase I Learning Ships -

Initially a response to the Mayor's Education Commission that advocated Bristol should be a 'Learning City'.

Start point was the heritage and future for the tidal regions of Bristol. This region has a history that defined the position and purpose of Bristol. It now faces another period of change that will define the city's future. In 2013 /14 Young people engaged with decisions about how the tides will be managed in the face of rising sea levels; the need to harness tidal power, interest in the economic development of the tidal region and debate about construction projects in tidal regions. 

Supported initially by businesses, University of the West of England and Royal Society of Arts to evaluate the potential for young people working with experts to use the rivers and  tidal regions for personal development; curriculum learning and motivating public engagement with green issues. A short film was produced.

Learning Ships from Nathan Hughes on Vimeo.

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