3 Ways to Help Children Excel in Education

Added 7th May 2019

If you want your child to realise his or her full potential in adulthood, you have to ensure that they do their best during their time at school. They might not thank you for pushing them so hard at the time, but they will when they reach the top of their career ladder as a working professional.

How do you help your child excel in education, especially when he or she has a particular disdain for learning? Read on to find three things you can do in this instance.

Educate yourself

Unless you’re a teacher yourself, half of the time, you won’t have a clue about what to do with the homework that your child is set. This isn’t a bad thing — you did leave school many moons ago. As a result of your lack of understanding, your little one won’t get the educational support they need at home, and you will just end up getting stressed out (which helps nobody involved in the situation).

In order to better prepare yourself for any homework that comes your way, it’s advisable to educate yourself with regards to the subjects your child is learning. Whether you check out revision sites online, attend back-to-school events, or set up a meeting with your child’s teacher — do whatever you need to do to garner a better understanding of the academic challenges your child is facing today.

Work on your morning routine

If you send your child to school in the right mindset, you will set them up for a day of learning. To pack your child off to school feeling like they are ready to excel in education, you’re going to have to optimise your morning routine.

First and foremost, breakfast. A nutritious start to the day is key in this instance, as it will provide your child with more energy and a heightened sense of focus. To boost your child’s attention span, especially during their first lessons of the day, you should provide them with a breakfast that is rich in fibre, protein, and whole grains. Try to avoid sugar at all costs in this instance, unless, of course, your child refuses to eat anything else.

To ensure that you fit in this wholesome breakfast (if you are ever running late, send your child to school with fresh fruit and/or yoghurt), you have to get up early. Working on your child’s sleeping routine, then, is a must. Make sure they get as close to 10 hours of sleep as possible, which could mean sending them to bed earlier of an evening.

Have all the supplies they need

Nothing will derail your attempt at getting your child to sit down and do their homework more than a lack of supplies. If, for instance, there’s not a pen in sight, your child is going to be far more likely to give up on the work altogether than to actually help you search for something to write with. You must, then, have all the supplies they need on hand at all times.

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