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Sunderland River Festival

Added 2nd September, 2019

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Community model boat building in the city that has produced more ships than any other city.

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British Science Week On the MV Balmoral

Added 21st March, 2018

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Families board a boat in Bristol to explore cranes, winches, pulleys, hydraulics and robotics

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Young Shipwrights 2015

Added 20th July, 2015

700 children and 65 volunteers from business build 115 model boats and race them in the Bristol Harbour Festival

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St Mary Redcliffe Primary School - Young Shipwrights

Added 12th February, 2015

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46 Year 6 pupils complete Young Shipwrights workshops and harbour tours.

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British Science Association Award for the "Lifting Aspirations and Accessing Engineering" project

Added 20th March, 2014

Schools and families take part in an immersive experience with the lifting and access engineering industry. Exploring the heritage of the technology in the region with the working machines at the M Shed Museum and the future for the sector with engineering ambassadors. learning outcomes and the fun of engineering are combined in a practical competition to build and operate a robotic arm.

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Young Shipwights 2013. Provided by -The Bristol Initiative Trust's Learning Ships project

Added 3rd April, 2013

Primary schools and businesses preparing for the annual Bristol Harbour Festival Boat race. Workshops in June and July for schools and business volunteers and a yacht race on 27th July at 12 noon.

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Stockton on Tees - Infinity 2013

Added 27th March, 2013

The Children's regatta- 100 boats sailing on the Tees under the Infinity Bridge

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Cabot Learning Federation Airshow 2012

Added 19th July, 2012

Workshops to build radio controlled cardboard planes and the staging of an Airshow by 200 Year 8 Students selected from across five of the Federations Academies.

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Cabot learning Federation Air Show - Cardboard Planes perform aerial stunts

Added 31st May, 2012

200 Year 8 students from five of the Cabot Learning Federation Academies will be selected through a science and engineering challenge to meet up with aviation experts and air craft designers to see which team can create the best model aircraft from cardboard. The students stage the CLF Airshow on 13th July for parents, friends and businesses. Supported by Roll-Royce Volunteers and other industry sectors including DS Smith Packaging.

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GE UK and Ireland Volunteering

Added 23rd March, 2012

30 Volunteers and 120 students aged 10 to 13 build metre long cardboard boats and race them in Bristol Docks.

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Battle For The Winds

Added 20th January, 2012

An opening event for the Sailing Olympics in Weymouth. A chance for businesses, schools and families to really get involved in the Olympics

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Using paper and corrugated board for aircraft designs

Added 7th November, 2011

Model aircraft - Schools workshops that enable young people to build and fly a recyclable plane in a day

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