Sunderland River Festival

Added 2nd September, 2019

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Community model boat building in the city that has produced more ships than any other city.

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Family co-operation and rivalry triumph at Bristol Harbour Festival's cardboard boat race!

Added 25th July, 2018

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Three generations from one family compete in the Bristol Harbour Festival cardboard boat race

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British Science Week On the MV Balmoral

Added 21st March, 2018

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Families board a boat in Bristol to explore cranes, winches, pulleys, hydraulics and robotics

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Frome Vale Academy - Fantastic Flight, aviation with real engineers

Added 26th February, 2018

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Pupils explore flight and make an Air Show for parents at the end of the school day

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Bristol Scout-Builder at the Royal West-of-England Academy

Added 14th August, 2017

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We invited The Scout-Builder to join us for a day at the RWA as part of the 'Air' Exhibition and stimulus for a practical aviation workshop for families.

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Young Shipwrights 2017

Added 27th July, 2017

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Bristol Primary School Children build boats to race in the Bristol Harbour Festival at the end of the school year

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Young Shipwrights 2015

Added 20th July, 2015

700 children and 65 volunteers from business build 115 model boats and race them in the Bristol Harbour Festival

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St Mary Redcliffe Primary School - Young Shipwrights

Added 12th February, 2015

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46 Year 6 pupils complete Young Shipwrights workshops and harbour tours.

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Underfall yard Doors Open Day - Boats and Breakfast

Added 14th September, 2014

Underfall Yard opens its doors and sets up a build and sail event with cardboard Mathews, Chanel Cutters and SS Great Britains.

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Underfall Yard - Doors Open Day

Added 4th September, 2014

A family boat building experience that promotes the exciting plans for the Heritage Lottery Funded development at a unique site on Bristol's Historic Harbour

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Bristol Young Shipwrights - Junior Learning Ships

Added 26th April, 2014

Pulling together people, places and skills to explore Bristol's maritime heritage and young people's future.

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One Self as Another

Added 23rd February, 2014

Cotham Co-operative Academy, Holiday Club working with Royal West-of-England Academy. Young People aged 8 to 17 on a two day workshop to explore portraiture with puppetry.

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Lifting Aspirations

Added 12th October, 2013

Workshops supported by the Lifting and Access Industry that explore engineering principals with real engineers. Students complete crane build and operate challenges and discover modern technology to contextualise the science curriculum.

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Schools Aviation Challenge and the RNAS Yeovilton International Airday

Added 7th August, 2013

Aviation workshops for schools with free tickets for students to attend the International Air Day at Yeovilton to extend the learning. More Aviation Day events are scheduled for schools near Bristol Airport in the Autumn Term

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Riveting Stuff - Festival of the North East

Added 5th June, 2013

A three day celebration of Stockton's engineering heritage and future on the famous Tees Barrage

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Lifting Aspirations and Accessing Engineering

Added 25th May, 2013

A practical crane design and building project for 8-11 or 11 to 14 year olds. Science and Engineering principles, industrial heritage, identity and future aspirations.

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Young Shipwights 2013. Provided by -The Bristol Initiative Trust's Learning Ships project

Added 3rd April, 2013

Primary schools and businesses preparing for the annual Bristol Harbour Festival Boat race. Workshops in June and July for schools and business volunteers and a yacht race on 27th July at 12 noon.

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Stockton on Tees - Infinity 2013

Added 27th March, 2013

The Children's regatta- 100 boats sailing on the Tees under the Infinity Bridge

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The Bristol Initiative Charitable Trust - Learning-Ships

Added 17th December, 2012

Establishing annual sailings of 'Learning-Ships'. Creating exciting learning experiences around the potential changes to the Avon River and Gorge due to rising sea levels and the various proposals for a tidal barrage.

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Rinky-Dink and MFMC creating a DIY Energy Project for Future Fit Learners

Added 16th October, 2012

My Future My Choice were invited to exhibit at the Green Power Finals. We met schools that said they wanted real DIY energy engineering to come to their schools. They wanted to get the messages across to young people about what is needed in the future-fit learner's tool kit.

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