Engineering Curiosity - A New Engineering Activity for West of England Schools

Added 19th February 2021

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The Engineering Design and Mathematics (EDM) department at UWE Bristol have partnered with My Future My Choice, to create a unique engineering outreach activity for children in the West of England.

The department has a long standing commitment to widening participation in STEM, and as leader for Skills and Workforce Development for the Digital Engineering Technology & Innovation (DETI) initiative, they are striving to inspire the next generation of digital engineers.

The new Explore My Engineering Future activity currently being developed by us and the EDM department’s DETI Inspire team will feature a set of 52 ‘Top Trumps’ cards based on diverse engineers who work in the West of England. When playing the game, young people will explore the skills required to do a certain engineering role, by comparing the abilities of different engineers and reading the descriptions about what the job involves.

Each engineer card also belongs to its own ‘Engineering Family’, a group of four engineers who do a similar job or work in a similar field. Students can then understand how engineers relate to one another, and which engineers may work together on collaborative projects.

To make the activity accessible during the current pandemic situation, the cards will be available both as a physical pack and as a digital resource. Each digital card will have its own ‘TikTok’ style video from a real-life engineer, which explains the best parts of their job, their career/life journey, and advice they would give to young people considering a future in engineering.

DETI is a strategic programme of the West of England Combined Authority (WECA), delivered by the National Composites Centre, in partnership with the Centre for Modelling & Simulation, Digital

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