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Added 14th September 2021

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The Bristol Harbour Festival is back 14-17th July

50th Anniversary of the Festival with Cardboard Boat Races since 2010

  1. 100 Model sailing-boats made by 700 primary school children supported by 140 business volunteers
  2. Adult teams paddling, sailing and sinking in an attempt to win a variety of accolades
You or your business can get involved by
  • Volunteering - teams of 5 children in their last years at primary school build and decorate boats in half a day. Volunteers help organise the team and talk to children about their jobs. No prior knowledge or skills needed. Workshops take place from May to July in schools around Bristol as well as on a ship in the harbour or at Engine Shed
  • Creating and crewing a cardboard boat. Races on 16th/17th July
  • Supporting a school - funding the workshop which includes harbour boat tours, visits to ships, boat yards and working finding out about the business volunteers

Contact us to get involved

See how one school kept the event alive when the Harbour Festival was cancelled last year in their race to the Underfall Yard Slipway

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